June 9, 2020

  • Complete Redesign
    • Dark mode only
    • Changed font to 'Retina' by Frere-Jones
    • Switched from a flexbox-based grid system to CSS grid
  • Added this changelog page
  • Added Whale logo (hover him and he will do a trick)
  • Exapnded bio on About page and added a Now section
  • Gallery Pages now feature 'more galleries' at the bottom which are randomly generated based on an array. However, this does not work perfectly as it is based off a function called 3 times that each use Math.random() to generate a random number and therefore sometimes 2 of the numbers are the same. Sometimes it will also show a link to the current page instead of 3 different pages.
  • Added Design page to show off websites and graphics I've made
  • Added Instagram feed, recent YouTube video, and SoundCloud empage on home page
  • Modified Blog post layout, expanded post-footer section
    • Blog post pages now feature more posts from the same category as the page

Upcoming Changes

  • Case Studies for some web projects
  • Free downloads of things I've made (icons, wallpapers, etc)
  • New 404 Page
  • New blog posts
  • 'Stuff I Use'/gear page